It's go time!

Allright it's on! You can find the tourdates with Voivod from the tour section.
First we hit Turku, and the Stockholm ferry. Luckily, there's a Porin Ässät - hockey team fan club cruise sailing on the same boat. So that means over 400 hockey fans, completely wasted and probably ready to pick a fight if they lose tonight. Good Times.

Travelling party from left to right: 

Heikki: driving, sound and lights
Ari: driving, merch
Tumppi: guitar
Marko: bass & voc
Saku: drums
Tommi: guitar & voc
Pekka: noise & confusion

Packed and ready to hit the road.

Pill dispensers and  e-cigs loaded! Cheers to our friends from Sheriff electronic cigarettes

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